Our Team


Jill Nordby

Holoholo General Store LLC
President & Founder

Originally from Canada, Jill was raised on her family’s farm. She went on to obtain her degree and work experience in marketing, but her passion for making healthy foods more accessible to keiki, families and her local community led her to create Holoholo General Store in 2012. Anyone who knows Jill knows she has the focus and fire to seriously impact our local food system in Hawai‘i. She is the heart and soul of Holoholo!



“Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands and the mouth”

– Lanza del Vasto




Jamie Sexton

Holoholo General Store LLC
Chief of Operations & Co-owner

While working in rural Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher after college, Jamie came to appreciate her local community’s regionally grown food and incredible seasonal fare. She went on to obtain her Masters in social work where she gained experience streamlining individual and communities’ access to systems and resources. These experiences have inspired her work in Hawai‘i’s local food system. She is the rock of Holoholo, binding us together and keeping us on track!




Emily Beagle

Holoholo Farm Manager

“M” holds a BA in advertising from Syracuse University. Her marketing experience has served her well as a farm owner and operator, strengthening her ability to establish working relationships with agricultural partners and to build collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships. Emily has managed three diversified vegetable farms and is intimately familiar with the demands of a small agribusiness enterprise. She is unrivaled in her quick wit and role as the face of comic relief for our team!



Elisabeth Beagle

Holoholo Farm Manager

“E” holds dual degrees in energy efficiency and green design from New York University. She provides organizational expertise and analytical strength to support Holoholo Farm and its projects. Beyond her role in establishing and maintaining working farms, she has developed multiple community outreach efforts and events, organizing farm visits, tours, camp-outs, field days and workshops, garnering support and enthusiasm for local agribusinesses. She puts the FUN in farming (and everything else she does)!




Odie Beagle

Holoholo Farm Mascot and Team Dog

Odie has a doctorate in stick retrieval with an emphasis in “I don’t actually care if it’s a real stick.” What he lacks in his ability to actually farm, he makes up for in other ways. His expertise in finding shade and water are key survival skills from which the Holoholo Team has learned much. Always up for anything, he has the best attitude of anyone we know!