Our Mission

Our Mission

To be Hawai‘i’s preferred source of premium locally grown food and specialty items – strengthening Island agriculture through non-conventional distribution, education and promotion of “eat local.” Our passion is to make Hawai‘i more food sustainable, and improve the health of communities by making local produce more accessible.

Guiding Principles

  • To serve our local community
  • To offer Hawai‘i-grown, sustainable, organic fruits and vegetables
  • To purchase from small, family-owned farms and artisans
  • To select food based on quality, flavor & freshness
  • To honor our employees with fair wages
  • To offer our farmers and artisans fair prices
  • To build our community with friendly, informed service

Our Promise


It is you—our members and friends—who keep us fueled with passion to continue doing what we do. We have a commitment to you to ensure access to truly nourishing food, food that is grown locally and sustainably and is delivered when most nutritious and fresh.

Together we are supporting valuable causes: responsible land stewardship, a vibrant local food economy, a healthy community and the success of local farmers.