What’s Growing at Holoholo: Eggplant

What’s Growing at Holoholo: Eggplant
June 10, 2016 holoholo


Holoholo Farm - EggplantsDid you know that eggplants are botanically related to tomatoes and potatoes? OK, if you read our eggplant-centric meal planning post from last week, you probably did.

Here are some other eggplant-y facts:

  • They’re called aubergines in the UK
  • We most commonly see purple eggplants, but they also come in white, green and yellow; some are even striped
  • Salting your (cut) eggplant, then rinsing before cooking, can help reduce the amount of oil absorbed by the vegetable
  • The seeds and skins are edible, although they may have a slightly bitter taste
  • Once cut, the pale interior flesh of the veggie will begin to turn brown, sometimes very quickly—that’s perfectly OK and nothing to worry about, it’s just oxidation.

Grill it, stew it, sauté it, purée it—it’s all delicious!

Holoholo Farm - Eggplants