What’s Growing at Holoholo: Sun Gold Tomatoes

What’s Growing at Holoholo: Sun Gold Tomatoes
May 13, 2016 holoholo

SunGoldsGrowingWe’ve kind of been going on and on about the Sun Gold tomatoes we’re growing on the farm, but we can’t help it. We just love them!

Sun Golds are wonderfully sweet with a hint of tartness, and they have a fantastic, pretty orange-gold color. It’s so exciting to see those sunny littl orbs peeking out through the green leaves and vines. Burpee Seed Company says they’re “rapidly becoming the most popular cherry tomato of all time.” We can get with that.

Some tomato storage advice that we’ll repeat from last week’s Meal Planning post: Tomatoes do best out of the refrigerator if they’re not-quite or just-ripe and you plan on eating them within a day or two. Avoid stacking them on each other (it leads to bruising, squishy spots and potential mold). On the other hand, particularly in Hawaii’s heated climate, if your tomatoes are already ripe (or overripe), they won’t suffer much from refrigeration. In fact, popping them into the fridge will help preserve them. Do let them come to room temp before eating in any raw preparations, though—they’ll be tastier for it.

SunGoldsSquareWe’ve been pickin’ and pickin’ ’em for you, but you’ll have to accept our apologies that some of them just don’t make it…quality control, guys. It’s important. (And they’re so irresistibly snack-sized!)

Besides straight out of hand, our favorite way to eat them is in our M’s Blistered Sun Gold Tomato Sauce over pasta. Yum!