Meal Plan: Tomatoes and Corn

Meal Plan: Tomatoes and Corn
May 6, 2016 holoholo

We’re starting the slide into summer, and we sure can tell by the abundance of tomatoes and corn! Conveniently, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so the Internet is rife with recipes that involve these two summer-licious crops.

As always, our Holoholo “Meal Plans” are meant to serve as a jumping-off point for you to help make the most of what’s popping up in your CSA bag.

Start With:

Boatloads of tomatoes and corn. It’s easy to go overboard when the markets (and your CSA bag) are stuffed with beautiful tomatoes in all shades, and sweet, local corn at prices that just beg you to add an extra clamshell or pound to your grocery cart.

Holoholo General Store Sun Gold Tomatoes

We’re partial to the adorable Sun Gold tomatoes that we’re growing right now, but you can easily substitute whatever tomatoes you’ve got for what’s in a recipe. The exception is when you’re using whole tomatoes and the size is key.

Tomatoes do best out of the refrigerator if they’re not-quite or just-ripe and you plan on eating them within a day or two. Avoid stacking them on each other (it leads to bruising, squishy spots and potential mold). On the other hand, particularly in Hawaii’s heated climate, if your tomatoes are already ripe (or overripe), they won’t suffer much from refrigeration. In fact, popping them into the fridge will help preserve them. Do let them come to room temp before eating in any raw preparations, though—they’ll be tastier for it.

Day One:

Step outside to do a little grilling! This recipe for Spicy Moroccan Chicken Skewers calls for marinating the chicken for two hours, so it’s best to tackle this one on a weekend when you have some extra time.

Grilled corn is always a hit, but adding toppings can really liven it up. The Kitchn rounded up five options here. (The Smoky Lime Butter and Harissa Butter flavors sound particularly yummy!)

Day Two:

We think these Crab Cakes with Corn and Tomato Relish would make a fantastic weekend brunch dish! Whether you opt to grill or sauté the corn, make some extra and store the cut kernels for dishes later in the week. It’ll speed up your weekday prep time. If you’ve got leftovers from Day One’s grilled corn, toss with cut corn for a quick and easy mid-week side dish.

If you’re not a crab fan (or you’re allergic to shellfish), but you like the sound of a lighter, seafood dish, tuna salad and tomatoes always makes for an easy, no-fuss dish that’s healthy and delicious. This Real Simple version dresses up the tuna nicely, for a step beyond classic tuna salad.

Day Three:

Greek Barley Salad by Chef Emily BeagleWhen making this Greek-Style Steak and Tomato Salad, we suggest chopping some extra tomatoes and cucumbers and whipping out some of those pre-cooked corn kernels and making a batch of Chef Emily’s Holoholo Greek Barley Salad. Since both the steak recipe and barley salad each use less feta than you’ll probably end up buying, this is a great way to ensure you use up all the product. Serve in pita pockets, with some hummus.

The Holoholo Greek Barley Salad tastes even better when it’s rested a bit, so by making it now, you’ve saved yourself some time on another night, or you’ve got lunch ready to go with very little extra effort.

Day Four:

Holoholo General Store Blistered Sun Gold Tomato PastaDid you go too crazy with the tomatoes? Do you have some that are looking squishy or wrinkled? That’s OK. Chef Emily’s Blistered Tomato Sauce enhances the natural sweetness of tomatoes and transforms them into charred, squishy, wrinkled little blobs of yum anyway—so it’s great for less-than-perfect looking specimens.

This sauce is ideal for small tomatoes of any type, but it’ll still work nicely with larger ones—just quarter them and set them in the pan cut-sides up.