Meal Plan: Beets, Radishes and Green Beans

Meal Plan: Beets, Radishes and Green Beans
April 1, 2016 holoholo

Meal planning can be daunting. That word: PLAN. Eek! Some of us are just not that organized or comfortable with meal planning. Think of Holoholo meal plans as “building blocks” to help make mealtimes less stressful and more efficient.

If you are someone who likes to meal plan, we’d love to hear how you do it! Do you plan around ingredients, do you have a day-of-the-week theme? Do you cook everything in advance, or do you have another preparation strategy?

This month, we’re offering ideas to use ingredients that end up in our founder Jill Nordby’s Holoholo Hodgepodge Salad. The Hodgepodge Salad is a great go-to for any week’s meal plan, since as the name suggests, it’s really a fantastic way to use up leftover veggie odds and ends.

Start with:

Holoholo Hodgepodge Salad - Holoholo General StoreA big ol’ bunch of beets. This bowl also has some radishes, which we’re suggesting to round out the week, along with green beans. You’ll often see flat green beans in your Holoholo CSA bag, but the great thing about green bean recipes is that they’re quite forgiving of swapping varieties of beans.

Boiling your beets tends to be easier—if you tackle them right away, while the beets are still warm, the skins will slip right off when rubbed under some cool running water. Many people prefer the taste of roasted beets, though, and are willing to put up with the messier preparation. (Roasted-beet fans usually prefer to peel their beets first, so the exteriors develop a nice crust. You can also roast them skin on; some people report that the skins will slip right off the same way as boiled beets, but others report that it’s not quite as easy.) Either way, spend an hour or two roasting a few pounds (depending on your family’s appetite) on the weekend and you’ll have a lot of your meal prep done for the week!

Once your beets are cooked and skinned, you can chop them into bite-size pieces and store them in the fridge to be added to the week’s recipes as needed.

Don’t throw away those beet stalks and leaves, either! They make a nice side dish, used the same way you’d use Swiss chard or kale. We tried out Martha Stewart’s Sauteed Beet Greens recipe with much success (see below). A pork tenderloin makes a nice weekend dinner (you can use leftover pork for lunches!) and for this Balsamic Roast Pork Tenderloin recipe, we recommend substituting our Holoholo Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar. (It’s also what we use in the Holoholo Hodgepodge Salad dressing.)

Sauteed Beet Greens

Sauteed Beet Greens using a Martha Stewart recipe.

The pork tenderloin doesn’t take much time or effort, so you could also tackle this tasty Roasted Beet Hummus on the same day so you have it available for snacking throughout the week. Jill has made this recipe countless times, and her family loves it! The pretty pink color is very appealing to her daughter, Kate. It’s great on pita bread or any kind of veggies—radishes and green beans included!

Day Two:

Here’s one for those of you who like a “Taco Tuesday” theme. Theme or not, tacos are a great weeknight dinner no matter what, right? They’re fast and easy. And we don’t see anything wrong with using some of that leftover pork tenderloin from the weekend in place of the chicken. In fact, here’s a recipe that goes right for that pairing. Cilantro, tomatoes and lettuce are almost always found in our Holoholo Bags, so Taco Tuesday is a good idea for our CSA customers!

Day Three:

The colors of this Beet-Glazed Salmon by Bird and Cleaver are just stunning, and so spring! The recipe provides instructions on a side-salad of Orange, Fennel and Pecan, which sounds delightful…but also like more ingredients to purchase. Instead, we think some green beans would be just as lovely, and these Green Beans in Citrus Butter fit the bill.

After you’ve made the beet glaze, you’ll have some beet chunks left. Don’t waste them—keep them to toss in with your Hodgepodge Salad.

Day Four:

Holoholo Hodgepodge Salad - Holoholo General StoreThis is what the Hoholoholo Hodgepodge Salad was made for! End of the week cleanup! Throw together all your remaining beets, green beans, radishes and any other non-leafy veggies you’ve got in the vegetable bin. This salad pairs beautifully with anything, so pick up a roast chicken, make some sandwiches or grill up a few burgers or hotdogs. The Hodgepodge Salad was meant to make your life easier, so go with something simple, and don’t stress!