Blistered Sun Gold Tomato Sauce & Pasta

Blistered Sun Gold Tomato Sauce & Pasta
April 29, 2016 holoholo

Sun Gold Tomatoes at Holoholo FarmWe are in love with these bright, beautiful little Sun Gold tomatoes, a new Holoholo crop. Some of our CSA customers will begin seeing these in their bags. This is a simple recipe for a thinner tomato sauce that coats longer noodles well. Twirl them up on your fork to allow for easier tomato stabbing.

A little white wine adds some zing. Before you start cooking, open the bottle, pour a glass and consume for quality control while prepping the rest of the dish!


Blistered Sun Gold Tomato Sauce & Pasta

A Holoholo Farm Recipe by Chef Emily Beagle

Serving quantity varies

Holoholo General Store Sun Gold Tomato Pasta


  • 1 pint Sun Gold or cherry tomatoes, whole
  • 1 to 2 cloves garlic, smashed or diced
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil (2 big pan swirls)
  • 1 cup white wine
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • Red chili flakes
  • Salt and pepper
  • Handful of fresh, minced herbs to garnish
  • Grated Parmesan or Asiago cheese to garnish
  • 1 pound pasta of choice


Boil water and cook pasta according to package directions while making sauce; if using fresh pasta, wait until just before adding butter to the sauce to boil and drain noodles.

Using a large skillet or fry pan, swirl two substantial streams of olive oil around pan to coat. Let oil heat until cloudy; do not let it reach smoking. Add tomatoes and garlic to pan, toss to coat with oil, and then let the tomatoes sit on the hot pan for a second to get a little color and just a bit of that delicious charred flavor.

Just when you’re sure everything is too hot and about to burn, add the wine and swirl to deglaze the pan. Reduce heat to medium and let wine bubble. Use a wooden spoon to scrape up the flavorful bits stuck to the bottom of the pan. Add red chili flakes, salt and pepper to taste.

Drain pasta, reserving a cup of cooking water to add if final dish needs more moisture.

Have another sip of wine while you find your whisk and prepare to bring it all together.

Drop two healthy pats of butter to your bubbling sauce (which should have reduced by half just about now). Holding the whisk in one hand, and the handle of your pan in the other, keep the entire contents of the pan swirling and slowly whisk the butter into the sauce. It should slowly dissipate and emulsify the sauce so that it’s all a little bit thicker and richer without separating. (The fancy term for this sauce is beurre monté, which refers to a sauce made with melted, emulsified butter.)

If you’ve chosen a large enough pan, add your cooked pasta into the sauce and turn to coat. Conversely, pour the sauce (remembering to scrape and include the flavor bits stuck to the bottom) into your pasta pan, if the sizing works better.

Add pasta water to thin if needed, stir in some cheese (not too much—you don’t want to go overboard with the saltiness) and top with any fresh, minced herbs you like.

Enjoy with the remainder of the wine!

Cooking notes from Chef Emily: If at any point the sauce becomes too salty, add a pinch of sugar. The brightness and lightness of this dish comes from the sweet tomatoes—if for some reason your tomatoes have lost their sweet or need a little oomph, just a touch of something sweet (agave, honey or sugar) will help bring back the flavor bursts.

Last note—the tomatoes are hot! The absolute best part of this recipe is leaving the tomatoes whole to let each diner experience the burst—but be warned that they hold their heat, so give the dish a moment to rest or keep the icy cold wine nearby!