The Tin Can has landed!

The Tin Can has landed!
August 10, 2014 holoholo

We have our first farm structure on the farm! And as part of that, we’ve gained entry into the field by busting through the berm! It was quite the process but now that dust has settled we can’t wait to share the excitement, the details, and to invite you out for tin can viewing anytime you like! We’ve already picnicked in the lovely shade to the left/right (depending on the sun) of it and can assure you that there is nowhere on the island more enjoyable for pupus and cool drinks.

Moving the container was a debacle! We were so lucky to acquire a 24’ long refrigerated shipping container from a generous and prescient donor. The container was located in town and its previous holders were on a tight time frame- so when they said jump, we had to be ready! First, we needed to clear a space for the impressive 24 feet. Our first attempt to clear the land was so exciting- Lee Bryant of North Shore Rentals and his mighty Bobcat busted right through the head-high berm! Finally we could see right into our farmland! That berm was full of…everything. Tires, sneakers, bike parts, boulders. It was a daunting task just to smooth the entry to the farm in order to allow access for the delivery truck. Because some of the vegetation was very sharp and could penetrate the Bobcat’s radiator, Lee needed to come back with additional machinery to grind the stumps before proceeding. We were happy with progress for the first day.


Suddenly, however, the owners wanted the container moved immediately! And Hurricane Iselle was coming! Due to storm preparations Lee wasn’t available on such short notice, so, frantic, we called another land-leveler who promised to be there by 7am the next morning and have the land cleared by the container’s 10am arrival. While he was busy moving mountains, the container moving company changed their mind about wanting to do the job, given the impending storm. Oh heck no! With too much at stake and the notion that the hurricane would wreck everything if we didn’t get it done that day, we not-so-gracefully pressed onwards with finessing the logistics until the next thing you know there was a huge, sparkling white container being dragged through the farm’s front gate. A few clicks of the pulley system later and it became a permanent farm fixture! It now sits proudly nestled up against the Makai-side berm and looks very much at home.


Despite the struggle and copious amounts of sweat, we are no worse for the wear and had the most fantastic christening party with the whole farm team. Only Holoholo ladies would whip out kale salad, salmon dip, prosciutto and gorgeous olives, peppers and pickled everything on a fold out table with candles in the shade of a towering utility container. We’re feeling so blessed to have this new building with so much potential- refrigerator! House! Secure storage! Did we mention that from the top there is perfect view of the sparkling ocean? Rooftop possibilities abound! We’re extraordinarily grateful to the many people who made this opportunity possible, starting with Ed Russell of HCATT, and including Lee Bryant of North Shore Rentals, Ellen Abrams and John at Container’s Hawaii, and Shawn Delos Santos at Hawaii Masons.

Finally, we were so lucky to recently meet an interesting, kind and gorgeous young man who happens to paint murals! Next up: a farm container mural! Life-size carrots! Forests of kale! Will keep you posted on developments.