Road to Holoholo Farm

Road to Holoholo Farm
August 25, 2014 holoholo

From Garage to Oceanfront

Our journey to the actuality of Holoholo Farm began with a strong passion to make Hawaii more food sustainable, and improve the health of communities by making local produce more accessible. Holoholo General Store was founded by Jill Nordby, CEO & President in 2012, and had humble beginnings- the first “pack house” and walk-in cooler was constructed in the Nordby garage. Support by customers in the local community was overwhelmingly positive, and the need for more help and to relocate the business became a priority. Then, a fortuitous meeting occurred, in what the business partners like to refer to as “the alignment of the universe.” Jamie Sexton, co-owner and COO, joined forces with Jill in 2013. The two mothers and business women help each other find balance in their family and work life while they Holoholo hustle to bring fresh local produce to individuals and families on O’ahu. With the expansion of their business, it became clear that one of the main challenges for Holoholo General Store and Hawaii as a whole is supply limitations of diversified locally grown produce. Despite the challenges, Jill and Jamie forged ahead with expansion plans. Through the generous offer from Kunia Country Farms to use their walk-in cooler and pack house, Holoholo General Store relocated their operations to Kunia.

Shortly thereafter, longtime family friends of Jamie’s Elisabeth and Emily Beagle, who happened to be farmers in California, mentioned that they were looking to relocate and start a new farm in a location with more hospitable and longer growing seasons. Elisabeth made an exploratory visit to Oahu in the spring of 2013, and serendipitously shortly thereafter the Mahi’ai Match-up Contest was announced by Kamehameha Schools and the Ke Alii Pauahi Foundation. Over many long discussions the four women excitedly decided to submit their business plan with the help from Agribusiness Incubator Program for the development of an organic farm on the North Shore of O’ahu.

On February 22nd, 2014, the Holoholo General Store team was awarded First Prize in the Mahi’ai Match-up Contest, and awarded a five-year lease and cash prize to start Holoholo Farm. We are so very grateful that the Mahi’ai Match-up contest has given us this beautiful farmland and opportunity to have meaningful interactions and exchanges within the community about food, farming, and about a sustainable future for Hawaii. With passion and experience as our guide, with support from our farmers, family, and friends, the expertise of community leaders, and all of you…we embark on this journey to reciprocate all that we have received and will continue to receive with gratitude in our hearts.

It is you – our members and friends that keep us fueled with passion to keep doing what we do. We have a commitment to you to ensure access to truly nourishing food, food that is grown locally and sustainably and is delivered when most nutritious and fresh. Together we are supporting valuable causes; responsible land stewardship, a vibrant local food economy, a healthy community, and the success of local farmers. We invite you to join our journey to the Holoholo Farm.